Veterinary Biopuncture

Veterinary Biopuncture is an alternative, holistic therapy, using gentle, natural, biological products, usually derived from minerals, plants, and animal components which are injected at specific locations into the body. This treatment is customized for each individual pet. This type of treatment allows the patient's body to activate its own natural healing process and assist in recovery. The natural products are usually a combination of very diluted, low -potency, active substances . These injections may be given in the skin, muscle, intravenously, areas of pain, acupuncture points and many other locations of the body depending on the individual pet's needs. Biopuncture allows immediate exposure into the intracellular space, via injection, with a very small gauge needle. Once injected into the patient, thier body recognises these substances and promotes an immediate response from the body's own immune system, resulting in natural healing. Sometimes, when we support the individual pet's immune system, remarkable things happen. Quality of life improves dramatically. Symptoms seem to resolve. Appetite is restored. No matter what the ailment, pet's seem to thrive when their immune system is supported. Biopuncture is commonly used to treat pain and inflammation, swelling, toxin accumulation, symptoms (vomiting/diarrhea/anorexia/etc.), organ support, chronic diseases and many other problems. Alternative veterinary therapies, like biopuncture, may augment, or in some instances replace, conventional medical therapy, depending upon the condition and the clinical status of the patient.

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