Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg was a German physician in the 1900's well schooled in the disciplines of homeopathy. He combined frequently used remedies based upon symptom pictures, and developed extensive formulary geared at modern scientific Western medical diagnoses. The resulting field known as homotoxicology became that branch of medicine which seeks to identify the toxins in the body, and then aid the organism's natural defense mechanisms in mobilizing the homotoxins, thereby rendering the fluids, intercellular spaces, and cells free of toxic debris. Instead of focusing on suppressing the symptoms, like conventional medicine, the homotoxicology approach is to support and augment the immune system by allowing detoxification and healing naturally. (Integrating Complementary Medicine into Veterinary Practice 2008) "According to homotoxicology, all of those processes, syndromes, and manifestations, which we desingnate as diseases, are the expression, thereof that the body is combating poisons and that it wants to neutralize and excrete these poisons. The body either wins or loses the fight thereby. Those processes, which we designate as diseases, are always biological, that is natural teleological processes, which serve poison defense and detoxification." (Basic theory of Homotoxicology by Dr. Recheweg; Integrating Complementary Medicine into Veterinary Practice 2008.) Homotoxicology Oral Remeides are based upon Dr Reckeweg's extensive formulary which may be prescribed and used in between biopuncture visits for continued therapy at home. These remedies will continue to detox the body and support the immune system. We use a three pillar approach when using the oral remedies to aid in healing naturally.

  • Symptom remedies: allows gentle resolution of individual pet's symptoms from their current disease.
  • Detox remedies: gently cleanses the body of toxins.
  • Organ remedies: aids the body in repairing itself at the cellular level.

We breathe, eat, drink, and absorb toxins through our skin everyday. From the water we drink, to the food we eat, we are consuming toxins all the time. Our pet's get even larger doses of these toxins by absorbing toxins through the pads of their feet, sniffing around in the grass treated with pesticides and fertilizers, drinking from puddles, ponds, and unfiltered water, and eating the same dry, heavily processed foods, day after day with no fresh meats, vegetables or fruit. Homotoxicology oral remedies and biopuncture may be one way to help allieviate these daily toxins from accumulating in our pets, thus avoiding chronic diseases.

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