What is Holistic Medicine?

Holistic Medicine has several names: Alternative Medicine, Natural Medicine, and Complementary Medicine. Some modalities include, but are not limited to the following: Classical Homeopathy, Homotoxicology, Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Herbs, Laser/Light Therapy, Reiki and Physical Therapy.

Holistic medicine concentrates on the entire patient, physical and non-physical, treating the mind, body, and spirit of the patient, not the disease. Physical examination, nutrition, environment, behavior, spirit, and lifestyle are all part of the whole patient and are extremely important to the holistic practitioner's work up, diagnosis, and treatment plan.

Alternative Medicine is often a term used by conventional doctors who have not accepted or do not know the medical techniques used by holistic practitioners.
Natural Medicine usually refers to the use of non-invasive and non-pharmaceutical techniques to help the patient heal itself.
Complementary Medicine is often used by "conventional" medical practitioners to refer to non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical techniques used as a complement to "conventional" medical treatments such as drugs and surgery. The term implies that "conventional" medicine is used as a primary tool and the non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical techniques are used as a supplement when needed.

When properly chosen, a non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical Holistic Healing Technique can completely and safely be used to heal both acute and chronic illnesses. In some cases, "conventional" medicine is only needed in emergencies or when the safer non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical methods fail. Sometimes, a major part of the Holistic Healing Plan will include a large portion of "conventional" medicine, but in some cases, it is not needed at all.

We offer three primary holistic services for your pets

Veterinary Biopuncture

Veterinary Biopuncture is an alternative, holistic therapy, using gentle, natural, biological products, usually derived from minerals, plants, and animal components which are injected at specific locations into the body. This treatment is customized for each individual pet. Read More


Homotoxicology is the branch of medicine which seeks to identify the toxins in the body, and then aid the organism's natural defense mechanisms in mobilizing the homotoxins, thereby rendering the fluids, intercellular spaces, and cells free of toxic debris. Read More

Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation

Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation (VOM) is a non-surgical approach to lameness and spinal disease in animals. It may be used to accurately detect, treat, and even prevent some diseases. Read More

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